Terms of Sales

Changes in sales conditions as of January 1, 2020

In recent months, PIERCAN has carried out several important actions:
- Investment of nearly 3 million euros in the production tool with its new operational unit from September 2019.
- Reorganization of production flows.
- Reorganization of the Control activity.

All of these measures are aimed at reducing the time required to complete a project. However, PIERCAN's productivity is still penalized by its wide range of references, which hampers the fluidity of production and has a negative impact on lead times. PIERCAN has therefore decided to standardize its references in order to improve its lead times.

Thus PIERCAN will propose from now on 2 categories of references:
- The standard references (the most sold)
- The non standard references. These last ones being brought to disappear in the long run.

1. Gloves and sleeves: standard references

For standard references, PIERCAN will only make a price increase limited to 1% on January 1, 2020.

listing of standard references

2. Gloves and sleeves: non-standard references

Non-standard references will be increased by 10% on the same date. It should be noted, however, that non-standard references generally find their "approximate references" in the catalog of standard references

3. Plastics processing range

For the plastics range (sleeves, bags, ½ suits, flexible insulators.), we limit the annual price increase to 3%, taking into account increases in material prices and general production costs, due to human investments and the necessary technical and regulatory changes.