The strength of PIERCAN is its staff. We invite you in this section to discover our businesses, to consult job offers and submit your application.

Production Agent / soaker 
Its mission is to manufacture gloves or technical parts. 
Its activities are: 
- Conduit manufacturing equipment in accordance with the procedures and operating methods. 
- Provides cleaning of tanks and molds. 
- Performs the release of gloves. 
- Provides information and self ERP. 
The qualifications for this job: 
- A good manual dexterity and attention to detail. 
- A lot of rigor and care. 
- Good organizational skills. 
- An ability to work in teams and communicate. 
- Know drive a production line is a plus.

's mission is to control PIERCAN products in compliance with customer requirements. 
Its activities are as follows: 
- Visual inspection unit. 
- Registration of defects in the computer system. 
- Control and records dimensional characteristics. 
- Assign IT products according to specifications. 
- Marking of items. 
- Mounting of gloves on ring. 
- Packaging articles. 
The qualifications for this job: 
- A lot of dedication and sense of responsibility. 
- A lot of care, attention to detail. 
- A high level of concentration over a long period.
- A great alertness, ability to make decisions.

Order Pickers

Building maintenance agent

Maintenance technician

Laboratory technician

Technician methods