Technical expertise in situ

PIERCAN intervenes as close as possible to your needs. Thus we can realize technical expertise to study problems arising during production and provide a quick solution. PIERCAN also intervenes upstream of your projects and can thus participate in the elaboration of your specifications in order to anticipate your work conditions as well as possible and thus find the materials best adapted to your environment. In both cases, our Sales Department, assisted by the Technical Expertise department, will intervene as soon as possible.


To provide an increasingly complete service, now offers PIERCAN complete its offer with the provision of training. It focuses on the proper use of gloves and put the focus on specific materials depending on their use, the importance of good practices, work environment, EC legislation, policy recommendations. Feel free to contact our Commercial Service for more information. PIERCAN also working with A3P for training in partnership with other market players. Discover our next training beginning in December 2018.

Piercan-A3P Training