Piercan STIC System

To change the drybox glove in complete safety, the STIC system integrates its own mechanical system of secure immobilization of the interchangeable element thanks to the locking crown and the secure ejection barrel.

The new Piercan connection ring

Piercan world leader gloves glove boxes presents an innovative and unique solution, developed by his laboratory research and development to optimize the changes gloves. Secure your confinement and stay tuned!

The Piercan factory in Port-en-Bessin

The PORT EN BESSIN site has already undergone several developments since its creation in 1976. Most of the dissolution units have been upgraded as well as the bath manufacturing unit. The production areas represent 3,400 m², storage 1,000 m², offices 400 m², the control laboratory and R&D 150 m². The work currently underway (August 2018 to June 2019) will increase these areas by approximately 1,000 m².

Range of gloves

The range of gloves Piercan offers a wide range: ELS headlines and glovebox gloves, available in many materials, shapes, thicknesses and sizes.

Variety of technical parts

Rubber technical parts made by Piercan are highly diversified, with their shapes, thicknesses, materials and processes implemented.

Areas of application of compression bladders

Piercan performs for you custom-made compression bladders for the molding of hollow composite parts.

The emulsion dipping process

The manufacturing dipped elastomeric parts is the heart of historic business Piercan. Discover one of the two soaking processes: emulsion.

The benefits of compression bladder

The molding of composite parts with compression bladder has a multitude of benefits shown in this short film.

Moulding with bladders

Discover the method of making hollow composite parts, with compression molded bladder.

Customized technical parts

Piercan makes for a wide variety of technical parts in hardened elastomers. These tailor-made parts are made according to your specifications.


Once your product Piercan manufactured and controlled, packaging, shipping department handles everything so that it reaches you in optimum conditions.

Technical parts quality control

The technical parts Piercan are subject to strict quality control. You opt for either a control plan or a standard control Piercan in 3 steps.

Quality control gloves

The Piercan gloves are subject to strict quality control, meet the standards. Marking the end of the control allows full traceability of products.

Custom baths

Expert in the production of parts of toughened elastomeric Piercan is able to prepare the best bath for soaking, impregnating or coating.

70 years of experience

Created in 1948, Piercan now enjoys a unique expertise, taking full advantage of 70 years of experience in the field of wet elastomers.