Our product lines for the pharmaceutical industry:


Elastomer Gloves and Sleeves, accessories

The range of gloves that PIERCAN offers is very wide, comprising drybox gloves that may or may not be fitted to a support ring. Since mid 2019, PIERCAN makes its flagship models (the highest selling models) available as in stock items. The gloves that are available in this way are those made from natural rubber and neoprene.

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The Piercan Secure Connection Ring

PIERCAN isolator gloves protect operators and products from irreversible risks. When gloves mounted on a ring are changed several times, handling is often delicate, complex and time-consuming. With its new Secure Connection Ring, PIERCAN provides an innovative and efficient solution, simplifying and securing operations.

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PVC and Coated Fabric Sleeves

Sleeve systems are key to the handling process inside the isolator and provide the operator with ideal ergonomics and freedom of movement. The combination of a sleeve and a glove can be replaced without compromising containment thanks to the "wrist ring with O-ring" connection interface. Our sleeves are available in different materials and sizes according to your requirements.

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Isolators and gloveboxes

Flexible isolators provide sealed work areas with a controlled atmosphere. They can be connected to other containment devices and are interchangeable on new and existing installations. They are available with or without structures and accessories.

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Flexible Isolator for Research

Designed for biomedical research and animal confinement, Piercan's flexible isolator guarantees a tight intervention space with a controlled atmosphere. Compared to the rigid isolator, it offers both a great comfort of use thanks to the flexible PVC material and also an economic advantage. It is interchangeable on new and existing installations and can be connected to other containment devices.

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The Half-Suits are an extension of the glove-stick concept applied to the upper body. This system offers a large operating area that allows the user to have control over his movements. All models are lined for ventilation.

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Bags / Tunnel Sleeves / Sheaths

Accessories made of flexible and weldable plastic, these objects are used for the storage and transfer of products, materials and substances from a clean to a difficult environment, or vice versa.

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Capes and Bellows

Capes and bellows are flexible accessories used mainly on isolators in order to block inlets or to serve as a link between two containment elements. These flexible accessories are made of high quality technical plastic sheets, calendered and crystal clear.

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