Our product lines for the nuclear industry:


Elastomer Gloves and Sleeves, accessories

The range of gloves that PIERCAN offers is very wide, comprising drybox gloves that may or may not be fitted to a support ring. Since mid 2019, PIERCAN makes its flagship models (the highest selling models) available as in stock items. The gloves that are available in this way are those made from natural rubber and neoprene.

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RayFlex Radiation Protection Jacket

The lead-free protective jacket against low-energy ionizing radiation, weight optimized and ergonomic, has been designed to reduce fatigue and improve the comfort of operators in case of prolonged use.
This jacket contains two radiation protection sheets: RayFlex material and an antimicrobial polyamide textile. In order to improve everyone’s comfort, PIERCAN offers you today 4 jacket sizes: M, L, XL and XXL, and other possibilities of customization.

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Isolators and Gloveboxes

Flexible isolators provide sealed work areas with a controlled atmosphere. They can be connected to other containment devices and are interchangeable on new and existing installations. They are available with or without structures and accessories.

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A Mobile and Flexible SAS / AirSAS

With a fully inflatable structure and crystal-clear PVC walls, AirSAS guarantees quick and easy installation, even in tight spaces, as well as great flexibility of use and handling. With a wide choice of options and numerous accessories, AirSAS can be made in many shapes to fully adapt to your specific needs. A carrying case and inflator are included with the SAS.

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Bellows (telemanipulators)

PiercanTech offers high quality custom bellows. Whether it is for the protection of operators or telemanipulators (mechanical arms in isolators), the bellows shapes and materials can be adapted to each use, perfectly meeting your specifications. Available in various materials.

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Bags / Tunnel Sleeves / Sheaths

Accessories made of flexible and weldable plastic, these objects are used for the storage and transfer of products, materials and substances from a clean to a difficult environment, or vice versa.

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Bags and Glove Bags

This equipment is used in specific situations, such as, difficult maintenance on installations, sanitation sites and decommissioning (nuclear, maritime and fossil energy sectors) and is designed through concepts and scenarios provided by our customers.
The materials used are often high-performance noble materials (fluorinated polyvinyl, multilayer, polyurethane). They are compatible with technical parts and may be used as integral parts of the products (bellows, partitions penetrations, gloves, mittens, fl anges, airlock, filters).

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RayFlex Radiation Protection Roll

RayFlex material is a lead-free composite designed by Piercan for personal protective equipment against ionizing radiation. Its manufacturing process of spraying guarantees the homogeneity of the material’s performance for the nuclear energy or the interventional and nuclear medicine fields of application.

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