The environment is at the heart of PIERCAN's decision-making system. Thus, the CEO has appointed the Safety Environment Manager as the official representative of the company's environmental management system and as a Sustainable Development facilitator. It ensures the proper functioning of the environmental management system as well as the implementation, animation and monitoring of safety and sustainable development actions.

Environmental policy

PIERCAN has been ISO 14001 certified since 2010. Grounded in sustainable development, PIERCAN is aware of the impact of its industrial activities on the environment and wishes to minimize these negative effects.

Piercan ISO 14001 Certificate

An environmental management system has been designed with two objectives in mind:
1. Continuously improve our environmental and pollution prevention performance
2. Control environmental protection regulations

As a result, we are committing to the Port-en-Bessin site to:

Reduce our impact in terms of
pollutant emissions into the air

Reduce our energy consumption
and our water consumption

Reduce our paper consumption

Reduce and properly manage our waste

Educate our staff about environmental
protection issues

Respect to Minimum legislation environmental

Communicate about our environmental policy
and its Significant Environmental Aspects

Inform our employees about
environmental actions and the results
and improvements achieved