The range of PIERCAN gloves

The range of gloves that PIERCAN offers is very wide, comprising drybox gloves that may or may not be fitted to a support ring. Since mid 2019, PIERCAN makes its flagship models (the highest selling models) available as in stock items. The gloves that are available in this way are those made from natural rubber and neoprene.

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PIERCAN markets some accessories around the drybox glove. These are rounds of gloves, lever doors or seals rings.

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Quality control of gloves

For 70 years PIERCAN manufactures gloves recognized for their quality. Discover the manufacture and very strict control of this very special production.

Quality control of gloves 


Standards and certifications

The framework of the CE legislation on PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) has changed a great deal since 21 April 2018. The year 2019 will be the culmination of the new European Regulation 2016/425, which permanently replaces Directive 89/686/EEC.

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Decontaminated and / or sterilized gloves

For over 10 years, PIERCAN has offered its customers decontaminated and/or sterilised gloves. This service is intended in particular for pharmacy environments (pharmaceutical laboratories, hospitals etc.) but it may also be for industries in which an extremely high level of cleanliness is now absolutely vital (space, military, research etc.).


Manufacturing processes

The manufacturing process for gloves is dipping. A mold, usually made of porcelain, is dipped into an elastomer in liquid phase. Depending on the material, we speak of an emulsion dipping process or a dissolution dipping process.

Manufacturing processes
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Our services

Technical expertise in situ. PIERCAN intervenes as close as possible to your needs. We can carry out technical assessments to study problems that arise during production and provide a rapid solution. PIERCAN also intervenes upstream of your projects and can participate in the elaboration of your specifications in order to anticipate your working conditions as well as possible and find the materials best adapted to your environment. In both cases, our Sales Department, possibly assisted by the Technical Expertise Department, intervenes as soon as possible.
In order to provide an ever more complete service, PIERCAN now completes its offer with a
training service. This is focused on the proper use of gloves and emphasizes the specificities of materials according to their uses, the importance of good practices, the work environment, CE legislation and practical recommendations. Do not hesitate to contact our Sales Department for more information. PIERCAN also collaborates with A3P for training in partnership with other market players. Discover our next training. Next session on May 14 and 15, 2024 (English-language training)