FDA Standards

PIERCAN's R&D department is constantly working on new materials that are closer to our customers' expectations in terms of both performance and compliance with international certifications. PIERCAN tells you more about the certifications for this EPDM glove.

FDA Standard

The latest addition to the PIERCAN gloves is the EPDM glove. It is also the only PIERCAN glove whose composition is in accordance with the FDA positive list (§ 1772600, CFR 21).

In addition to the conformity described above, the EPDM glove has the following characteristics:
- Very good resistance to sterilization by autoclave (50 cycles)
- Excellent resistance to H²O², Oxonia
- High resistance to UV & Ozone
- High mechanical performance (breaking strength and perforation)
- High flexibility

This new PIERCAN glove is the most complete in the range and is particularly suitable for the pharmaceutical industry.