Gloves quality control

The quality of PIERCAN products is recognized by all its customers. This reputation is based on a high-performance Quality System. The CEO has appointed the Quality Manager as the official representative of the Enterprise Management System. Its mission is twofold:
- Keep active the quality management system and associated processes.
- Make all staff aware of customer satisfaction and compliance with their requirements.

Gloves quality control

PIERCAN guarantees the quality of these products because they are subject to a quality control very strict through the processes of design, manufacture, testing and dispatch. The steps of this check are:

1. Testing on receipt
Raw materials
Checking of compliance with the specifications

2. Testing during production
Physical and chemical parameters tested by the quality control laboratory
Dipping parameters tested by the operatives

3. Properties of the glove tested by an external laboratory
Checking that the gloves comply with the claims made

4. Final testing of the glove in 6 steps:
- Length check
- Beading check
- Thickness check, measured in 5 points
- Visual inspection (100% of the gloves)
- Glove integrity testing (100% of the gloves)
- Marking of the finished product allowing complete traceability of the glove.