The environment is at the heart of PIERCAN's decision-making system. Thus, the CEO has appointed the Safety Environment Manager as the official representative of the company's environmental management system and as a Sustainable Development facilitator. It ensures the proper functioning of the environmental management system as well as the implementation, animation and monitoring of safety and sustainable development actions.

Sustainable development: PIERCAN commitment

Since 2005, PIERCAN initiated a sustainable development approach in collaboration with the DRIRE and 9 other companies Lower Normandy. In 2015 PIERCAN received by the region and DIRECCTE, the Certification for Sustainable Development Corporate Social Responsibility for its commitment to developing sustainable performance.

CSR Certification

Since September 2015, PIERCAN is engaged in a joint operation organized by the Lower Normandy CCIR and ADEME on energy management

Moreover, PIERCAN renewed annually support the ten principles of the Global Compact (The Global Compact).

The 10 principles of the Global Compact

Our commitments are:

Contribute to the development of best
practices with our partners
(customers, employees, suppliers...)

This is attracting the adherence of our subcontractors and suppliers
to our commitments to sustainable development.
The object is also to involve all employees in sustainable development
as well as government, associations, neighborhood...

Improving the working conditions
of our employees

PIERCAN put in place a policy to develop
the skills of its employees without discrimination and promotes their autonomy
social and citizen. PIERCAN favors improving security
and ensures compliance of its facilities according to the regulations
and ensure anticipate future standards.

Achieve economic sustainability
while preserving resources
for future generations

Promoting our responsability
civic supporting the Covenant
Global UN