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 AirSAS - Secure Airlock System: Mobile & Inflatable

The structure is fully inflatable and the walls in calendered PVC Crystal guarantee perfect transparency even in daylight. Quick and easy installation and implementation even in a tight space. Great flexibility in use and manipulation, compatible and adaptable to any installation. Effective barrier against pollutants and contaminants.

Simple and quick installation
Inflation time: 5 minutes

Lightweight with great
flexibility in use and handling

Easy to carry everywhere
thanks to the carrying case

Effective barrier against pollutants and contaminants

Compatible with cleaning and decontamination agents of surface

AirSAS models [exAmples]

A - Translucent polyvinyl chloride azured (PVC M1 200 µ)
B - Translucent polyvinyl chloride azured (PVC Cristal 150 µ)
C - Translucent polyvinyl chloride azured (PVC TA 300 µ)
D - White separable zipper 150 cm

Inflatable structure
1 - Translucent polyvinyl chloride azured (PVC TA 500 µ)
2 - PVC inflation valve
3 - Pressure Relief Valve 0.07 bar with G 3/4“ pipe thread

Our AirSAS model formats are adaptable to your needs

Carryning case

The compact transport bag provides good protection of the airlock and facilitates transport. An inflator is also offered.

• Total weight (airlock, inflator, bag): about 6,5 kg
• Dimensions of the folded airlock: 550 x 450 x 200 mm
• Dimensions of the inflator: 300 x 250 x 80 mm

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AirSAS product sheet, for the air transport sector

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