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Piercan Tech Plastics, a specialist in plastic packaging

Piercan Tech Plastics, formerly Plastunion, is a division of the Piercan S.A.S. Group specialized in the design and manufacture of waterproof structures and specific accessories made from flexible plastic materials. Thanks to an original use of materials rigorously adapted to the various situations, Piercan Tech Plastics allows the users to work in difficult environments, where the human presence is irreplaceable.


Pharmaceutical industry

Nuclear industry

Construction sector

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25 types of technical sheets

Products to meet your challenges

Whether you are looking for a specific product or a solution requiring the expertise of an elastomer specialist, Piercan Tech Plastics can provide you with the right answer. For specific requests, our engineers will assist you in the development of your customized product. In addition, a vast catalog of "standard" parts and molds is at your disposal.

Custom made by Piercan Tech Plastics

- Analysis of your specifications by the design office
- Advice and service on the use of products
- Choice of material
- Choice of finish (hem, seals ...)
- Tools development (patterns, cutting shapes)

A production unit is dedicated to the realization of Piercan Tech Plastics products (prototypes and series).

An extensive catalog of products

For your standard requests, Piercan Tech Plastics' catalog offers a large choice of structures and accessories in flexible plastic. The products of the catalog are available quickly and proposed at attractive prices.

Moreover, Piercan Tech Plastics offers you a large choice of patterns from which you can select the shape that suits you. All you have to do is choose the type of material.

Advice and expertise

Whether it is for custom or catalog parts, Piercan Tech Plastics advises you on the development of your solution and its implementation within your production units.

Piercan Tech Plastics can also assist you in the expertise, development and qualification of innovative solutions.

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100 unique prototypes per year

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Advice and support

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