Innovation - R&D

Understanding and, above all, anticipating the needs of our customers enables R & D and Innovation departments to offer solutions in perfect harmony with the evolution of the working environment and the requirements of our customers.

Innovation, our response to a world in constant flux

While the latest innovations concern the safe and rapid change of gloves, PIERCAN is also very interested in improving glove traceability. In other areas PIERCAN is aimed at partners to develop its products.

STIC ring

To change drybox glove in complete safety, the STIC system integrates its own mechanical system of secure immobilization of the interchangeable element thanks to the locking crown and the secure ejection barrel. This device has been developed to: improve the safety and protection of users, increase ease of use and reduce costs.

The new Piercan BCS Cuff Ring

PIERCAN isolator gloves protect operators and products from irreversible risks. During multiple ring-mounted gloves changes, manipulations are often delicate, complex and time-consuming. With its new Secure Connection Ring, PIERCAN provides an innovative and powerful solution, simplifying and securing operations.

CNRS: a research collaboration on radiation protection

CNRS and PIERCAN have signed a research collaboration agreement to improve the performance of these products in terms of attenuation of transmitted radiation and reduction of the absorbed dose.